Friday, July 19, 2013

You might think what a title for my blog....... Well?

Well This is my first blog ever so lets see how this goes? First off your probably thinking why now why on earth does his title say too blessed to be stressed? Too blessed to be stressed!! "Not a competition between others of who is the best, but a competition between yourself to be your very best!" Well I will tell you why? Its just exactly the way it is suppose to be! I mean i am feeling the best I have been in a long time! I am happy, joyful all the time!!!! It is great to be out here in Florida serving my Heavenly Father, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been so blessed to see families come into this gospel, as well as souls i know the lord has been preparing these people for me to come find and teach!! But before i get to carried on with my mission i just want to share the small and simple thing of why i am blessed out here and just my life in general!!! (Alma 37:6) The first thing is my family coming up here in August will be the Anniversary of us being sealed in the Salt Lake City temple for a couple of years!!!
The next thing is me being a worthy Member of this church to be the servant of the lord how great it is to be able to serve under not only a living prophet but the Lord and Savior himself!
And last but not Least is me out here doing work!!! And being blessed so much to be able to live a happy clean life out here it is a great thing to be worthy of his spirit. I love it
But I do know with all my heart that this is The Church of Jesus Christ, I know of a surety that everything in my life is possible with him being central to my life, I know Jesus Christ makes salvation possible, He is truly the son of god, I know with the fullness of my heart he is real i have seen to much to deny this gospel. The book of mormon is true and if you have never read it, Read it!!! Trust me it will bless your life it has blessed mine and my family so much! if you wanna know more just ask me and i will tell y'all about my conversion story but I do promise you the lord loves you and he wants the best for you and he will lead you to the truth just get on your knees and ask I did and hey look at me I have done a full 180 from what I use to be and I am so grateful for it because my heavenly father loves me!!!
                                                           Elder Tyler Largo