Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"When All Is Said And Done"

         A couple of days ago I had a really great study on where I could potentially be by the end of my mission, I wrote down a couple of notes on how I feel about the work I am doing right now as a representative of Jesus Christ.

 I Remember the very 1st day I came into the MTC, the day was so clear I held on to my mom and sisters hands crying as I past slowly but surely what i would say was home. We drove 1 last time throught the campus of BYU and once we past the campus I saw "THE FLAGS". After that I asked myself are you ready.........? Few minutes later I lost it with tears going down my face, fear overcame my body the fear of leaving my life, my world! But as I look back now, oh the things I wish I would have said and done! But it is only natural to change as this process of 2 yeas comes about. But now i have a new perspective, new life is in me a new vision, a new goal. When I think of days to come I get a feeling of fear, a feeling of being scared! Will i give my all when it is said and done? This is home now, this is my new love, when the day comes "When All Is Said And Done" I want to have no regrets! I want to look my Heavenly Father in the eyes and say "I Have Done My Job".
                                                                                   -Elder Tyler Largo

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