Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Atonement means everything!

When you think of The Atonement of Jesus Christ what do you think?
When I think of The Atonement it makes me reflect onto the basics of our belief in our Savior Jesus Christ. While I was in Priesthood class today we had a discussion on this exact subject. So it made me reflect on a lot  of things today with my personal relationship with my Savior. And as I sat back and was hearing a lesson on the Teachings of President Joseph Fielding Smith he said in a letter words that struck my heart. As a father, President Smith was just as dedicated to his responsibility to testify of the Savior. On July 18, 1948, he sent a letter to his sons Douglas and Milton, who were serving as full-time missionaries. He wrote:
“I sit and reflect at times, and in my reading of the scriptures, I think of the mission of our Lord, what he did for me, and when these feelings come upon me I say to myself, I cannot be untrue to him. He loved me with a perfect love, as he has done for all men, especially those who serve him, and I must love him with all the love I can, even if it is imperfect, which it should not be. It is wonderful. I did not live in the days of our Savior; he has not come to me in person. I have not beheld him. His Father and He have not felt it necessary to grant me such a great blessing as this. But it is not necessary. I have felt his presence. I know that the Holy Spirit has enlightened my mind and revealed him unto me, so that I do love my Redeemer, I hope, and feel it is true, better than everything else in this life. I would not have it otherwise. I want to be true to Him. I know He died for me, for you and all mankind that we might live again through the resurrection. I know that He died that I might be forgiven my follies, my sins, and be cleansed from them. How wonderful is this love. How can I, knowing this, do anything else but love him, my Redeemer. I want my boys in the mission fields to feel this same way. I want my children and my grandchildren to feel that way, and never stray from the path of truth and righteousness.” As I heard this beloved Prophets testimony it made me wanna do so much better! 
When J think of what He has done for me He has done it out of Love! He saw something better in me even though He knew I would rebel so much and turn my back against the Gospel of Jesus Christ that would bless me in many ways He still did the most heroic act of what anyone can and would ever have done and that was all through the blood He bled for us and not judging anyone who beat him He just did the will of His Father which was driven by Love for us to come home so please always remember that it is in and through Him we can be made whole. 

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